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 Ryuzakii's Introduction

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Ryuzakii's Introduction Empty
PostSubject: Ryuzakii's Introduction   Ryuzakii's Introduction Icon_minitimeTue Aug 07, 2012 10:49 pm

Greetings, Hero's Of the Academy,

My name is Ryuzakii, Duelnetworker and atm LoL Player.
My Hobby(s) are of course gaming, but beside that, im designer for Signatures. Im searching too a job in Academy's for Designer. Maybe here need someone. If u want to have a look how i doing with sign's, please, feel free to check here:


Maybe someone want to request a signature if you like mine. I have no problem with it to make something. I can make Animated Signatures too! So feel free to ask.

For other information, i dont duel much (pretty close to never) because i dont like to duel. But if you want to duel, i can make some time for it.

So, i think this was my introduction, i hope i will have here a good time, especially for Designing something! Smile

*P.s: Im in an great Gaming Communtiy, called Tactical Gaming. They dont play DN, but many other great games like CoD, Diablo 3, LoL and some other games too like Minecraft, etc. On all Console's!!
Want to join?


Feel free to join, and if you need to introduce yourself, please say that Ryuzakii from LoL Divison recruited you.

Ryuzakii Checking Out!
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Ryuzakii's Introduction
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