Heroes born to save the dueling world from meta decks.
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 Ghost here.

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Ghost here. Empty
PostSubject: Ghost here.   Ghost here. Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 11:17 am

Hey people, my name is Five. Nice to meet ya all. Hope I'm going to have a nice time here at the academy.
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost here.   Ghost here. Icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2012 3:44 pm

Hey, I'm sorry, this academy is crazy inactive, the last post besides yours was in may, did you notice? Anywhore, everyone deserted this place to go to Cryo academy, I'll leave the link down below if you're interested to coming to us. Over there I'm known as Spinda, so make yourself at home there if you'd like.


Ghost here. Charmersfyeah

Just because they're weak, doesn't mean they don't have any potential Very Happy

[14:06:53] Armand Star : charm, i lost one of my stars because of you, i demand compensation!
[14:07:09] DuelCharmer338 : arm wants sex <- *interprets sentence wrong*

[17:37:51] @ Armand Star : i just came

[15:37:17] @ Armand Star : i dont understand anything

[12:20:19] Kabuto : -__- wtf happened last night....

[01:16:04] @ Armand Star : ok charm i'll help you
[01:16:07] @ Armand Star : come to me

[19:21:43] @ Armand Star : i do whatever i want to my miale

[17:45:08] Sephiroth~theblackwinged : I'm already with Arm though

[17:26:41] @ Tsurugi Mia : Violence: if it doesn't solve your problems its because you don't use enough.

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Ghost here.
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