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 When Hoping Isn't Enough - Kabuto's RP

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PostSubject: When Hoping Isn't Enough - Kabuto's RP   Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:20 pm

In this topic, the actual RP will be posted instead of sign-ups. Nothing is to be posted here but story. Happy roleplaying!
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PostSubject: Re: When Hoping Isn't Enough - Kabuto's RP   Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:51 pm

Lots of people crowded the academy as Rex waited to be tested. He could not wait, all of these people looked like they were having so much fun! Man, I am going to really like this place. It was finally Rex's turn to test.

He was led inside to a big room. In it was a large dueling arena, and on the other side stood a tall man. He looked pretty serious.

Rex gulped, Here goes nothing...


Man... That was a tough duel. Wish I could have won. Rex smiled to himself, "I have to get stronger!"

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PostSubject: Bishop's Entrance Exam   Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:29 am

I enter the arena, sweat clinging to my forehead. My duel disk is uncomfortably heavy around my arm for some reason, but I refuse to acknowledge it. Refuse to show weakness. This means everything.

"Bishop, there is no need to worry," Adoration comforts. My duel spirit places a ghostly hand on my shoulder and, though I can't feel it physically, my muscles relax. His presence is soothing, there's no denying it.

"BISHOP YAKORI TO STAGE 3!!" a voice announces.

"That's for you, Bishop," Adoration confirms. "Good luck." Adoration vanishes.

I run to Stage 3, my shoes slapping the ground loudly as I go. In seconds I'm at the stage, knees shaking. I take an unsteady step onto the platform, and it rises into the air. A man in a business suit and sunglasses stands at the other end, duel disk already activated. And so it begins.


The platform lowers, and I somewhat sadly step off the stage.

"Why did you lose, Bishop?" Adoration asks.

"I didn't do it on purpose."

"If you had summoned me instead of Nova Master, my attack points would have been sufficient in ending the duel. Why didn't you summon me?"

"I just--" I pause. Why didn't I summon Adoration? Did I want to save him as my own little secret? Am I desperate to preserve my one and only friend I've had in almost four years? "I didn't want to see you get hurt."

"If I'm destroyed, I feel no pain. I simply return to your deck a few minutes later," Adoration explains. "There's no need to worry for my safety, Bishop."

I take a deep sigh, knowing that he's right but still refusing to accept it. I know Adoration can't feel pain, that wouldn't make sense, but just seeing him destroyed in battle sends chills down my spine. I can't do it.

I take my golden jacket from a woman in the arena, and step into the cool air of the outside world. New Domino City is a cold place, much colder than I ever would have anticipated. Luckily, I have a golden jacket to keep me warm.

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PostSubject: Re: When Hoping Isn't Enough - Kabuto's RP   Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:25 am

Nox was panting when he arrived at the testing area, he would have been late had it not been for Trinity waking him up. He grinned at his duel spirit and ran inside, He found his tester quickly a tall man with large hair and almost no eyebrow.

He saw Trinity standing next to him and breathed a sigh of releif though he was wary of the darkness slowly creeping up from the back of his mind.


Nox had fallen to his knees unable to hear the man as his hand quickly changed the deck in his duel disk, his eyes narrowing and becoming shadowed while trinity was replaced by a hulking brown metal monster, Cyberdark horn.

"Rodent! How dare you lose to this simpleton! I demand you stand up right now and face him once more!" THe metal demon screeched.

Nox grinned and slowly stood up his eyes boring into the testers skull.


"Hnn...You lost again insect...Make sure it doesn't happen again" ANd slowly trinity retook his place as duel spirit. "Come Nox..We'll go get your jacket and head home..You must edir your deck, for the duels to come.."

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Tsurugi Mia


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PostSubject: Re: When Hoping Isn't Enough - Kabuto's RP   Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:12 pm

I'm finnaly at the hero academy. I take a deep breath before going to the testing area.
-I can do this. I'll show my strengh!
It's my turn, I go on the stage, Face my tester and activate my Duel Disk.


I'm in Hamon dorm... the medium dorm. Means I got more work to do.
I go at the main hall to get my uniform and sit in a corner and look at my deck.
-Next time I'll do even better.
Strangely on of my card seems to be staring at me and a voice in my head says: You can count on us...
I put my deck back in its case and go outside to take some fresh air.


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PostSubject: Re: When Hoping Isn't Enough - Kabuto's RP   Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:07 pm

".....I'll find her, somehow I know I'll find her here..."

The Entrance leading to the Hero Academy Duel Exams were huge. Three towering beasts Covered the doors, representing the symbols of the school. As I open the doors, wonder filled my eyes. A stadium, filled with people dueling for their spot in the academy. I felt so small compared to this army of duelists, ready to enter one of the most predigested dueling academies on the planet. It took time, but my number was finally called.

"Number 77, Chiv Kogeki, report to duel station number 6 to start your duel."

Confidence, fear, and amazement. These emotions and more filled my body as I stood to take my exam. I couldn't help but wave my hand towards the crowds. I knew it was silly, but anything to take the edge off of how important this duel was. This one duel will decide where I stand among the elite of Hero academy....and also my chances of finding her.
As I waited for the proctor, I took out the card that she gave me. Gem-Knight Lazuli.

"Don't be so wound up Chiv-Onee San. I'm sure not matter what happens we'll be A-OK!"

It still surprises me that the little nymph of the Gem-Knights actually talks to me. Before I could question my sanity any further, the tester had come.


I walked with a straight back. Leaving the stadium looking as though all pride was still in me. as soon as I was away from the crowd, I put a hand towards a wall.

Uriel Crimson...the lowest of the low. How will I ever find her when I'm stuck at the bottom?

"Being at the bottom doesn't mean you're the weakest. Don't be worried Chiv-Onee San, we will find her. We both wanna see her after all, right?"

That little Sprite, She may be the weakest of the Gem-Knights, but she has the strongest voice of reason. The Duel Academy of heroes, even at the bottom, I will get stronger, and I will find Her.
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Charles Xaqairy


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PostSubject: Re: When Hoping Isn't Enough - Kabuto's RP   Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:49 am

Charles Kza-Kairy to the duel field, Charles Kza-kairy.
It's pronounced ZA-kary! Why can't anyone get it right?! What's so hard about it?! Charles yells.
No need to yell, Xaq. It'n a unique name with a unique spelling. Not everyone understands it. States Charles' Spirit, Goddess with the Third Eye.
Coming from someone with no written language. You can just speak. I'm the only one that's ever heard you. Charles tells her with his mind.
Charles steps up to the Test Field.
Why doesn't this deck ever work when I need it to?! If I had only drawn "Chain Material" two turns before I lost, I could've turned it around easily. I had 2 "Vehicroid Connection Zone" cards in my hand. That could've easily been one of each "Super Vehicroid". I'll have to put more thought into drawing power. "Good Goblin Housekeeping" isn't doing it enough.
Remember what that guy said? Communicating with the deck helps, too.
Charles grabs his blazer and grumbles off.

The tester's deck didn't help much, either. I didn't see a trace of an archetype in it.

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And thoughts

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PostSubject: Re: When Hoping Isn't Enough - Kabuto's RP   

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When Hoping Isn't Enough - Kabuto's RP
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