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 About testing.

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Bob Pwner99
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About testing. Empty
PostSubject: About testing.   About testing. Icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2012 2:37 am

If you are a new member you can get tested by any moderator.

the testing system is as followed.

it will be a 50 point system for first time members.
25 points from a test duel.
25 points from a written test.

and people will be positioned as followed.
Divine Neos 45+
Vision Hero Trinity 31-44
Elemental Hero Absolute Zero 21-30
Masked Hero Dian 11-20
Hero Kid 0-10

You will be PMed the quiz on this site. Please do not use other website to help you as it will not show your true knowledge about the game.

The Duel Set up will be as followed.

Size: (0/2) 40-45=, 45-55=1, 55+=0
Originality: (0/5) 5=completely on seen deck. 1=commonly used deck.
Side deck: (0/5) how often you use side deck and if you use it efficiently.

Player: 0/13
Field Control: (0/3) How well can you control the field.
Back row/front row balance: (0/5) how balanced are the back and front rows.
Hand Advantage and Efficiency: (0/5) how good can you obtain and keep good hand size.

Deficiencies: -0 (any ruling mistakes, misreading, obvious misplays or any other thing negative gets subtracted here.)

Bonuses: +0 (overkills, comebacks, or flawless victories are added here)

Duel Total Points: 0/25

Quiz Total Points: 0/25

Overall Total: 0/50

IF you are a member trying to rank up then there will be different system.
*system not created yet*

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About testing.
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