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 Fiery Girl

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Hikaru Shidou

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PostSubject: Fiery Girl   Fiery Girl Icon_minitimeMon Mar 26, 2012 12:50 pm

Just a little tribute to my fave anime character. A short little ficlet.

Hikaru Shidou was walking through the forest. The forest was illuminated by whatever light existed in this world, and it looked beautiful. Leaves turned to golden color when the light fell upon them. The place was embodiment of innocence.

Hikaru extended both of her arms, and a small flame appeared on each of her palms, dancing happily. Using her mind, Hikaru willed the flames to whirl around her.

Flames, in addition to the light seeping through the trees, made the entire forest look like a picture. Colors were now brown and bright orange. Hikaru laughed softly. The forest was now the definition of beautiful. Smiling, Hikaru started to dance in soft footsteps, flames swirling around her body. She was careful not to approach the trees and instead continued to dance in the clearing.

Her fun was cut short as tall woman with black hair and purple dress entered the forest. Hikaru noticed this, and turned towards the newcomer, her face turning stern.

"Alcyone." Hikaru hissed "I thought I killed you and your master. Besides, this isn't your domain. You will not defile my forest any longer."

"Heh." said the woman known as Alcyone "I'm out to get my revenge against you, and I'll fulfill it by destroying the forest you grew to love. Icicle Assault!" Alcyone said, aiming barrage of icicles towards one of the trees.

A flame intercepted the icicles, melting them to water which harmlessly disappeared into the ground. Hikaru stood nearby, flame dancing on her palm.

"You're not killing my home any time soon." Hikaru whispered.

Alcyone extended her palm.

"Get out or I will incinerate you." Hikaru threatened, extending her own palm.

Alcyone pondered for a while, then unleashed another barrage.

"I warned you." Hikaru said, extending her palm once more.

Raging flames advanced on Alcyone, swallowing her. They flickered, hungry for the flesh of their mistress' enemy. Alcyone let out an unearthly scream, before she was burnt to ashes.

Hikaru sighed, passing her hand over rough skin of the tree. The forest she was assigned to protect was part of the world she once protected, and it was the part of the world she loved most.

"Fire is the enemy of the forest." Hikaru thought "But sometimes, they can be allies."
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Fiery Girl
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