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 Rules for Hero Academy

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Charles Xaqairy

Charles Xaqairy

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Rules for Hero Academy Empty
PostSubject: Rules for Hero Academy   Rules for Hero Academy Icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2012 2:33 am

  1. Respect everyone. Other Academies I've been to have had issues respecting other members. Most, if not all, of them have been deleted or have just been abandoned. I do not wish for that to happen to Hero Academy.
  2. Let the staff do their job. Staff Members exist for a reason. They are to moderate the forum and to enforce the rules. Let us do that.
  3. Complaints: They go to an Admin. If you have an issue with someone or something, PM an Admin and we'll take care of it. Whether it's to your liking or not.
  4. Be active. Activity is what makes an Academy flourish. If you are going to inactive, post in the "Farewells" Section so that we may know why.
  5. Only one account: I shouldn't need to clarify this, but just in case. Each member is only allowed 1 account. No more. Multiple accounts lead to ban-dodging.
  6. Language: Must be kept to a Minimum. If it gets too out of hand and "off-color", I will be forced to censor and/or ban. Don't let it come to that.
  7. Advertising: We'd prefer that you didn't advertise other sites. It's not against the rules, but it does get annoying.
  8. No Flaming. If I understand this correctly, that includes any derogatory terms made in or out of jest. Flaming will not be tolerated.
  9. No Double Posting: Wait until at least 1 person has posted after you to post again. If you need to add/change something, edit your post rather than posting again.
  10. No Necro-posting: Do not try to revive a Topic that has been "dead" for more than a month unless you are the one who started the Topic.
  11. Hero Academy is not responsible that happens on Dueling Network or anywhere else that is off-site. Do NOT come running to us with a problem not directly related to Hero Academy.
  12. Signatures and Avatars:
    • Keep it appropriate.
    • Keep it small 500x500
    • If it's big, use spoilers.
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Rules for Hero Academy
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